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Hi, I'm Megha Sharma.
I'm a video editor and voiceover artist who creates training videos that make the complex,

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About me

I work at the intersection of learning experience design and video production. I believe videos play a critical role in organizational learning. 


Videos are practical. Videos provide a just-in-time resource that can be accessed on-demand at the point of need, easing the complexity of training employees that work in different functions and locations.

Videos are flexible. They can cover a variety of information and provide a great opportunity to turn seemingly routine topics into fun viewing experiences. I've created videos on everything from onboarding to compliance, software explainers to process overviews, and much more. 

Videos are efficient. Training videos are about making the most out of everyone's time. Multiple documents can be consolidated into a short video that employees can access whenever they need. When it's time to apply something learned months ago, employees can quickly refresh their memory and confidently return to the task at hand.

Shades of Blue

"Megha was knowledgeable, friendly, professional, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Megha was very effective at communicating about the video, both in meetings and via email. Megha produced drafts for review, was open to feedback and was extremely effective at anticipating our wants and needs and translating this into the video. Megha was clear about timelines at each stage in the video creation and met all the deadlines. I could not have asked for a better person to help us create our video, the work produced was brilliant and better than we imagined. We are so grateful for Megha's help!"

Annie Ward, Program Coordinator

My Services

Video Production

I craft polished videos that meet your organization's learning needs. I start by speaking with the subject matter expert (SME) and target audience to uncover the training need from both the expert and learner's point of view. I work with the SME to gather existing training materials and consolidate all the content into a detailed outline for your approval. From there, I write the video script, record, and mix the voiceover narration. Next, I capture the footage and create the motion graphics needed for the video before editing it all together with a backing track. After incorporating your feedback, I render, close caption, and deliver the final product.

Click the microphone for a demo! Already have a script? I offer professional voiceover as a standalone service, including sound editing and mixing. I'm available for a variety of projects, from minute-long explainers to hours-long eLearning course narrations. I'm also happy to voiceover non-training content, such as conference promotions, initiative announcements, and interactive museum exhibits.

Have a project iN mind?

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