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Video Editing Timeline


Helping Pet Parents Fund Veterinary Care

The Client: A Los Angeles-based animal welfare organization

The Context: The organization shifted from a pet adoption model to a prevention model, with programs that help keep animals with their families and protect them from surrender and euthanasia.

The Opportunity: Program staff wanted a resource to inform clients of available options to help fund veterinary care in order to prevent financial hardship and economic euthanasia.

The Solution: I worked with the program coordinator to create a 5 minute video to overview different ways that pet parents can secure financial support for veterinary care. I used a mix of the organization's existing assets, stock footage, and motion graphics to produce a video that is information-rich and engaging.

The Response: Program staff were extremely satisfied with the final product and the video is now listed on the organization's website and YouTube page. Since I was able to script the video to provide guidance to viewers both within and outside of Los Angeles, and since we added English and Spanish closed captions, the video was accessible and helpful to the broadest possible audience.  

Ensuring smooth Handoffs between teams

The Client: large private foundation based in Silicon Valley

The Context: Senior management was interested in streamlining the submission of grants from Program teams to Grants Administration.

The Opportunity: Staff noticed a pattern of human errors across submitted grants which required time-consuming corrections that slowed the grants pipeline.

The Solution: I worked with subject matter experts in Grants Administration to produce a brief (2 minute) video for the Program staff audience to highlight commonly missed items that could be corrected before grants are handed off. 

The Response: Program staff found the video helpful, fun, and engaging. Since the video is meant to be revisited as often as needed, they appreciated that it was able to deliver a lot of information while remaining brief. Program staff felt more confident about submitting grants that are free of system and documentation errors. 

This is an excerpt of the final product. Data is notional, and confidential or proprietary information has been obscured. 

This is a proof-of-concept video for demonstration purposes

New Hire Welcome Message - DEmo

The Context: Human Resources understands that the first days on the job can set the tone for successful entry into a new workplace. They want to help new hires feel more prepared and confident during the onboarding process.

The Opportunity: New hires recall feeling unsure of what to expect in their first week. They wished they knew at the onset when certain questions would be answered and how they should prepare for their first meetings. 

The Solution: An engaging welcome video that introduces new hires to the organization and outlines how their first week will go - who they will meet and what they should expect.

New and underutilized Feature Explainer

The Client: large private foundation based in Silicon Valley

The Context: A highly used tool in the foundation's grants management system was updated with extensive new features and interactions.

The Opportunity: Onboarding for the tool and its corresponding workflow required over an hour of live instruction and there was no self-service resource available for established employees looking to refresh their skills or learn the new features. 

The Solution: I worked with subject matter experts to produce a video overview of the tool workflow, as well as a walkthrough of the tool and its new features. The goal was to create a resource that prepares new hires for live training and also refreshes existing employees' understanding of the tool.

The Response: The video was deployed as both a "pre-work" for one of the new hire onboarding sessions as well as a just-in-time resource within the grants management system, viewable inline with the tool itself. The trainers reported being able to make better use of the formal onboarding session for content that required live instruction. 

This is an excerpt of the final product. Data is notional, and confidential or proprietary information has been obscured. 

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